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How to recruit a good graphic designer for an agency like MavenPixel

The biggest digital agencies working on the web have the best staff. For their performance, these companies are committed to recruiting only good specialists. In the case of Maven Pixel, it is the designers that he is looking for the most and it is not any designer. We need someone who shares the same values ​​as the agency.

What kind of designer for Maven Pixel?

Maven Pixel is a digital company that does everything related to graphics and site interface design. First, the web designer should adopt the same ways of seeing things as the agency ie working for the client and working with the client. A good designer would therefore be the one who will have understood that only customer satisfaction counts. Then, the graphic designer should also have a marketing mentality that is to carry out all the missions for a purely marketing purpose. To sell, to make the site better and especially to think first to the visitors of the platforms is what should motivate this graphic designer in all the works that it makes. Then, he also has to be a multi-practitioner, a person who has various mastery abilities in different areas such as web development, design, but also server tuning. For a large agency, you need an open staff with a distant vision.

Recruiting the right graphic designer

Before hiring a designer, it is important to check his career. He should have before all the diploma corresponding to his title. After that, you must also check your experience. This is just the part of the recruitment on file, but this professional will also have to pass a test. The test will mainly concern a design problem with complications and complexity requiring it to do the impossible because it is a way of seeing whether it is really an expert or not. It is only on practice that one can recognize a good agent. And finally, the interview will come, during which the agency can get a real idea of ​​the person and feel about his values ​​and his way of thinking.

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