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Laravel now integrates trusted proxy in its code

Web application developers know Laravel well. An effective tool that integrates both efficiency and security. This point is even more accentuated thanks to the version Laravel v5.5. Indeed, this latest version of the software now includes a trusted proxy in its code. What offer everyone the dose of security and especially efficiency they expect. Moreover, all people using the Amazon and Google Cloud services will be delighted by this integration.

TrustedProxy: what does it do?

Laravel Developers will have a much less difficult job with TrustedProxy. Clearly, the latter indicates which are the reliable proxies and especially how to map them to a very high level. Moreover, the very definition of Laravel says that a trusted proxy offers the ability to generate correct URLs, redirect them while managing assignments effectively and the connection via Laravel. This proxy is all the more useful when web servers go through load balancing and http caches or through another proxy. In addition, Laravel uses symfony for managing requests and responses. However, for the sake of security, the management of proxies goes through a filter that determines who is "trusted". Laravel not only has the means to determine who are trusted, but it also provides a trusted proxy.

Jobs with a proxy

Developers often use cloud from professional providers like Amazon Web Services or Content Delivery Networks. Through these apps, the provision of complete sites is not directly exposed to the world, but passes through them. Besides, the application can be behind a proxy chain. Thus, when the DNS points directly to a CloudFlare, http requests, they are transmitted to the application. It is possible to see some CloudFlare headers in http responses with Laravel News. There are still standard headers sent by the proxies. To this there is X-Forwarded-For-; X-Forwarded-Host-; X-Forwarded-Proto- or X-Forwarded-Port. Regarding the HTTPS - http pass, the application will receive a special header. Regarding the configuration, it will be in the package fideloper / proxy.

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