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Koddos has your DDOS Protection solution

Without protection we are all vulnerable and exposed. If you want to keep your body healthy and prevent yourself from disease, you have to follow a good diet and consume medicaments that promote your self-defense. That’s the same way you do it with your website. If you are conducting a business on the Internet you need to be protected against any kind of attacks because they can literally take down your business. If companies are using Internet it’s only for its world wide visibility. Then what advantage would you gain in it if you can’t benefit from this visibility? Your business would not only crash but you could lose crucial datas as well. DDoS attacks are the most frequent nowadays. They interrupt a website connectivity and it can last hours or days. This form of attack cause monetary losses and lead to bankruptcy. Doing business on the Internet requires an efficient DDoS protection. Do you need full protection? Koddos has the solution.

Koddos DDoS technology is high end, without doubt the best in the market. Having Koddos as a partner ensure you 24/24h high level protection against DDoS attacks with a connectivity without disruption. Koddos DDoS protection prevent and protect your system from layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks which are considered as the most difficult to detect. Distributed Denial of Service are malicious attacks that block or interrupt the entry at your website. It break your connectivity telling internet users that your website was inaccessible. Koddos bring you DDoS protection solution by preventing and mitigating Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Our Anti-DDoS provide full protection by inspecting and analyzing each packet to ensure that no malicious attack able to provoke service disruption is threatening our customers.

Koddos DDoS protection is reliable and accessible. Having a Koddos DDoS protection solution will save your business.

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