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Getting started with ROR

There is a multitude of resources on Ruby one Rails. But before beginning to learn Ruby one Rails and to make web sites with it, you have to learn first of all Ruby...

When you learnt Ruby...

For example, you can learn Ruby with Try Ruby.This site will allow you to learn Ruby really starting with the basics, all in an interactive command-line online (no need to install anything on your machine). However, you can easily install Ruby on your own machine . It's very convenient to test bits of code.

When you learnt Ruby, you can start with Ruby one Rails. You can begin your training with Rails for Zombies. Under this surprising name hides a very well made, playful and funny site. Undoubtedly, the best way to learn Rails by having fun!

Then, you can strengthen your bases by reading the Ruby one Guide rails. They begin with a very simple tutoriel and will guide you until moved forward enough notions.

Finally, screencasts is also at your disposal to deepen points which interest you quite particularly on RailsCasts.

Form only is not simple and it is very possible that you have difficulty understanding certain things.

You can any access meet ruby on rails developers in an apéritif Ruby near your home (there is in most of the big cities). It is a good way to meet passionate developers which can take time to explain you some points which are still fuzzy for you.

Then, if you have difficulty in forming only or if you are lacking time, you can call on to a trainer. There are some companies and independents who make that very well.

Have a good training with these 3 resources to start smoothly : in summary, Try Ruby, Rails for Zombies and Ruby on Rails Guides !

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