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Comparison between several rental websites, perfect to choose the best according to your needs !

The underlying trend in the growth of Internet shopping is largely beneficial to tourism and recreation players, especially holiday rental (seasonal rentals or bed and breakfasts).The historical players of the holiday rental have understood the need to develop rental websites, since community platforms of rental housing appeared there. Here is a comparison between the most influential vacation rental websites on an international level.


Airbnb is the platform linking people wishing to rent a room, more and more their vacation accommodation, and those seeking accommodation for one or more days. This site is based on collaborative economy : individuals give service by renting their accommodation and the hosts would not rent their property only for the money.
The principle of this site is "transparency". Notices walk in both directions - owners comment and note their tenants, and vice versa - and the profile of each member of the community can be accessed. This site offers travelers a local and authentic experience where the host has a certain culture of hospitality (small gifts upon arrival, recommendations regarding restaurants, shops, off-the-beaten-track visits, etc.). These platforms offer a complete service: connection which is compulsory through their mail, booking and online payment. They receive the payment of the holidaymakers and transfer it to the hosts, between 24 and 48 hours after the arrival of the tenants in the housing. A good way to limit online fraud.

International reservation centers

You can submit your holiday rental offers on some international reservation centers that are originally specialized in hotel booking. For example, Booking.com also offers villas and apartments, several hundred thousand, all over the world. Booking has the advantage of sending an instant reservation confirmation, whereas in general, it must be waited for. In addition, no deposit is requested at the time of booking, as the payment does not pass through the site, but is done directly to the owner or his representative. As for the Tripadvisor traveler rating site, which aggregates the content of partners, it offers, for part of its offer, to collect the rent directly.

For more, see a vacation rental websites guide !

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