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All you need to know about DDOS Protection

DDoS is a Distributed Denial of Service, in smart definition, it a strategy that used a hacker to attacked your server. What is it looking for?

DDoS attacked in a little image

DDoS attacked the website with a big traffic bandwidth. We can take an example about a bank website. The bank has many movements like transaction, communication and purchase and so else, so, this website sends many things on the net. The goal of DDoS is to bore those bandwidths until the server explodes. You get a sign if your website has DDoS attacked.

First of all, your website starts to slow his performance in the network. And then, some website on your server is disabled. You received a dynamic spam, on your professional email and the same to your clients. Your website is disconnected and your connection too. At last, every material informatic in connection into this website is in danger, like your smartphone, tablet even your bank account online will be pirated. When you get the symptom, you have the solution to put a DDOS protection into your server via your host propositions.

Solution is to adopt a host in a high quality

You must know that when DDoS attacked you, you have no solution that to create another website. In that case, you have to choose the host company that gives your arms to fight the hackers attacked, it is not only DDoS but any type of hackers’ plan. There are so many company host servers that you can engaged online. But the better one is KoDDoS host server. First of all, KoDDoS build a wall with many strains before your server. KoDDoS offer to different level of pack plan. This pack is composed on the capacity of your hard disk and his memory. The frequency of your bandwidth to be faster that hacker. A great infrastructure with a permanent service to you. But KoDDoS propose also a multiple system of managed host server.

This DDoS attacked is like a little drop that become a big flood, but surely, if we managed our leads in a good strategy DDoS will be erased.

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